The Night Craves Light

blue light

There are more holiday lights in my area this year. I encouraged my own family to dust off the lights in the garage that didn’t make it up last season. Perhaps the warm fall weather allowed more people to set out seasonal displays before the snow fell or they sense that we need more festivity this year.

When the first major snowfall arrived, I was was inspired to write this poem. If like most of us, you have lost someone or something important this year, I dedicate these words and images to you. Light can fill the night, especially in difficult times.

The night craves light

The night craves light.
We envelop the trees and our homes with tiny colored bulbs.
We notice them only when it is dark. The lights cannot penetrate gray days.
Snow will arrive and blanket the garden. It is a leveling d├ęcor.
Free for all, it wraps both flowers and weeds.

Carolers cannot appear at the door this year.
Ghosts of sweet blue notes hang only in the moonlight.
Connections lost, lights dim and fade in the long string of lights.
Broken bulbs are replaced with the blue ones we could find.
Red and white lights had been snatched from the shelves.

The light reflecting snow pleases night with its glow.
Silent gardens reflect. Beauty is in this quiet cold time.
We will find white and green bulbs next year.
For now, blue will do. A dimmer hue allows us to better see the stars.

V. Ferrier



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