An Anniversary Poem

Toronto Botanical Garden

We had trips planned to celebrate a special anniversary this year. Life had other things in store for us and others. We celebrated with a trip to the Toronto Botanical Garden instead. TBG is a special place for many. Memorial benches and trees marked by plaques are dotted throughout the grounds. The gardens preserve the love of those who have walked these paths.

The following poem, inspired by our meandering walk, is dedicated to David, my husband and partner in life.

Outside the Bubble

This is an undiscovered place for us.
Follow the paths by senses as there is no map.
Breathe the air as it flows from blue skies filled with trees.
Quiet reflections linger as tadpoles swim in creeks.

Cares dissipate as the water dances over the waterfall.
Butterflies and moths kiss fragrant blooms.
Stones mark a place to stop.
We take off our masks and pause on a sunshine-warmed bench.

Vows are renewed by hands held fast.
The moment heralded only by a dissonant choir of crickets and birds.
A curious squirrel looks on.

Bridges carry us forward and back to the beginning.
We hold the light, the air and the colours,
So we may find these paths again.



    1. Thanks Emanuel. It seemed like a good format for capturing my feelings and sensory memories. It is a first attempt in many long years and a relief not be bound by rhyming couplets. My husband appreciated it very much.

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