A Prickly Year

Back in March, I wrote Sometime Life Succulents. Sadly, I over watered my newest succulent plant and it turned to mush. That I suppose, is also symbolic of many plans for the year.

Sometimes unexpected good comes in difficult times. Our wedding anniversary garden walk at Toronto Botanical Garden surprised me with some of the most beautiful succulents and cacti I had ever seen growing outdoors. I was not expecting to experience that since Canada is not known for dry, hot, desert-like weather.

Succulents and cacti have become popular with creative event hosts and indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts. If you live in the GTA, The Toronto Cactus and Succulent Club (TCSC) is in residence at TBG. The Club hosts educational events for members and recently sponsored a plant sale which was open to the public.

The passion of group members is evident in videos posted on the club’s youtube channel. I was amazed by the plants in TCSC member Mazhar Ali’s greenhouse in Milton. His cactus collection is amazingly beautiful.

Mazhar Ali’s Cactus Collection – youtube

Although 2020 is the most prickly year most have ever experienced, some things may be unexpectedly blooming in your life. Perhaps you have been able to spend more time with those you love or you have picked up a new hobby. Maybe loss has led to new insights or opportunities.

2020 continues to be a prickly year. We need to move ahead cautiously. Hopefully good surprises are waiting despite the thorns that still lie ahead. Even plants grown in the harshest of conditions bloom in unexpected times and places.


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