About Me

I am an academic advisor, family woman, lover of musical theatre and amateur gardener living and working in Toronto, Ontario.

Valerie Ferrier

My love of gardening began early with seeds, dirt and paper cups on my bedroom windowsill. Since then nurturing plants has helped keep me grounded. Some challenges have included years of zero budget gardens, limited space for planting and small children and pets who disregard garden borders. I take an unconventional approach to gardening which sometimes leads to unexpected results.

My goals include refining my story telling, technological and creative writing skills while sharing personal stories of urban farming successes and failures.

Originally conceived as a project for a digital communications course, this collection of garden insights is an ongoing labour of love. Thanks to all who have read my posts and who have shared their work and their comments with me. Happy gardening and sharing!


Creative Director
The Trials and Tribulations of an Urban Farmer