Winter Hydrangeas

hydrangea in snow

Once blue, hydrangeas crumple in the snow.
Fading from the limelight,
As winter sets in.
Dried petals remain.
Dim ashes will return.

Green life decorated until last summer.
A hole will be left behind
How to fill this void?
Empty for now.
Blue light reflects in snow.

Born on a kitchen table, summer ending.
Borne out quietly with cold wind.
Spring will come again.
As soil warms,
Plant purple and pink.

V. Ferrier

Hydrangea flowers often reflect the nature of the soil they inhabit. In acidic soil, flowers turn blue. In alkaline soil, flowers are pink or red.

purple hydrangea (pencil on paper) by V. Ferrier

The hydrangea in her garden was blue, symbol of coldness and distance. Choosing to depart alone, she drifted away quietly into the light. In the end, she allowed no visitors, no rites for tears to flow.

In your garden, plant a pink hydrangea to symbolize love or send a purple one to hearken a desire to deeply understand and to be understood. Blue hydrangeas can change if you want them to. Love and understanding are meant to bloom and grow.

Hydrangea Meaning and Symbolism – FTD


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