Late Bloomer

pink dahlia

She is smaller in stature than
Those whose long necks and yellow petals
Brazenly lure hungry wasps with colour and scent.

The late bloomer wears fragile pink,
A symbol of kindness, service, beauty, and grace.
In her soft hidden spaces, tired bees safely rest.

V. Ferrier

The last dahlia in my garden bloomed for the first time this week. The flowers are a lovely soft pink. Pollinators busily visit the other taller dahlias that are covered in blooms but tonight while doing a final garden check, I noticed some bees tucked to sleep in the pink dahlia, a gentle place of rest.

I must admit that I have a soft spot for late bloomers. Some slowly grow their loveliest hues without attracting attention. The peaceful blossoming of self provides a safe space for themselves and others.


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