We met often in “the before”.
Your colorful arch embraced us in Barbados.
I walked down your lane in Venice Beach.

I found you in the greenhouse.
Warm and safe in artificial campus space,
Winter kept on the other side of glass.

You need strong sun to bloom and glow.
You crave more water in warmer months.
Nourishing soil is a must for strong roots.

Not expecting to find you in Canadian summer,
A place you thrive one small season.
Though you smile and greet fleeting time.

V. Ferrier

I have often encountered bougainvillea on my travels in warmer climes. Seeing it in a planter in Muskoka, I failed to recognize this out of place beauty. Hoping to see it again soon in its native space where it can thrive and grow for years . Canadian winters can be harsh and a container is too small a space.

Bougainvillea, The Meaning of Plants by Petals on the Paving Slabs

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