Ducks and Rain, A Poem

chair profile lake

The raindrops keep others at bay while I swim in the pool of blue water.
Cares and aches dissipate for a time under canopy of grey clouds.
A lone goose soars, beckoning me from chlorine to lake and trees.

The rain has scattered those who had earlier come out of hiding.
Perching on kayaks and paddle boards, blocking paths and
Sitting close together on lounge chairs claimed by towels.

Now fragile drops keep the danger of breath at bay.
In the lingering sun, water, sky and trees belong only to me
And to the ducks who lay hidden until this quiet glowing time.

Flocks of gulls will return here when the sun dips tomorrow.
Fighting over food carelessly discarded by sun burned beachers,
Yelling at each other, too close, ignoring danger that hangs in the air.

The ducks are wiser than selfish, screeching gulls.
Keeping family close, coming out when all is quiet and clear.
Paddling smoothly in placid water, thankful for scattering rain.

V. Ferrier

ducks at sunset

I had the opportunity to spend some time in Ontario’s cottage country this past week. It seems as though many believe that the pandemic and its requirements are a thing of the past. Enjoying the amenities safely required strategy and careful timing. A little rain helped clear the path as well.


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