Curious and Likes the Outdoors

dog front door

When CJ came to live with us, the directives on the handwritten note were straightforward, “Walks at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. (but she’d be up for more). Curious and loves the outdoors.” We were delighted to have her join our family especially given the recent loss of our dog Mo. Her previous family was in transition and could no longer keep her.

CJ has been up for more walks. Her daily schedule has expanded to at least four each day. She starts the day with D followed by a short jaunt with me before coffee. She kept G in shape with lunchtime walks while he waited to be called back to work. On hot days he would transport her to the park in his air-conditioned car and take a shaded route. I have since taken over lunch walks. Evenings are reserved for A. They walk around the park and people watch.

CJ does love the outdoors. Her favourite spot is the front porch. She could sit out there for hours. Knowing this, we’ve set out a folding chair so that we can keep an eye on her as she watches people, dogs and cars go by. It gives us a good vantage point to view the tomato plants and flowers out front too. Our quiet presence has also led to sightings of a chipmunk, baby robins and rabbits. CJ doesn’t bark or show a prey instinct. She is interested in observing.

All our dogs have been different, and each has shared life lessons with us. CJ’s insight is to stop, watch and appreciate in calm and peace. Life can be enjoyed more at a slower pace. If you move too fast, you might miss wonderful and inspiring things.


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