Prayer Plant

prayer plant

More than two hours were spent in the garden yesterday. I cherish outside moments more and more. The time flew by. My main tasks were cleaning out tulip stalks turned brown and thinning out the snapdragon seedlings interspersed between the bulbs. Removing viable plants is one of the most difficult things for me. I remind myself that without space, seedlings cannot grow to their full potential.

In addition to the seedlings, I have five survivor snapdragons that successfully wintered. Some of them will bloom again soon. This will be the third summer for a beautiful pink snapdragon. I am looking forward to seeing her lovely flowers again and watching as pollinators visit. Her strength and resilience inspire me daily.

Hope has also come from a Prayer Plant in the living room. I received it in an arrangement from colleagues when my mother died almost two decades ago. Its growth has always been tinged with the lingering sadness of loss, but I have kept the plant going. I have watered and trimmed it and added fertilizer. It came with me when I moved houses.

The plant is blooming for the first time. Perhaps it is a sign that prayers will be answered: the time of sadness and closure is ending at soon and more beautiful things may come. I recently read Prayer Plant by Jon VanZile and plan to take a cutting soon. Life needs more prayers answered and growing joy.


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