Bunnies in the Planter


The chives in the front planter did really well last year. I had moved them from the back yard in the spring. My current experiment, garlic, was also up. Mother’s Day came a bit early to my home this year though. The garlic has been displaced and the chives are currently off-limits as the planter is currently home to a bunny nest.

This is not the first time rabbits have set up a home near us. Last summer I was surprised to find a nest in a flower garden in the backyard. It was a challenge to keep my curious backyard-loving dog from finding it, but the baby rabbits did eventually grow up and hop off.

I learned that the best way to deal with nests is to leave them alone and to be careful to keep the dog away. Rabbits often set up nests in lawns that are evident only by small patches of brown grass. Living hidden in ground, they may be in danger from lawn mowers. The landscapers in our area are not known for being careful.

Last year I found this educational video from Ontario Wildlife Removal that shows some really cute little ones and supports leaving the nests alone, even when the Mom is not in sight. It also advises checking lawns before mowing.

What To Do If You See A Rabbits Nest On Your Front Lawn, Ontario Wildlife Removal

Fortunately, we have a nest-free backyard this year, so we’ll be using the chives from there. The bunnies can enjoy their home in the planter for the next couple of weeks. It will provide them with a little extra safety and security. I can try growing garlic again next year.


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