Tulips In and After Bloom


Tulips and daffodils are in full bloom in the neighborhood right now! In zone 6, tulips can withstand quite a lot. A few years ago, when the management company decided to slash garden budgets, they sodded over a flower garden. They forgot to remove the bulbs and the tulips have since reappeared.

Despite the hardiness of those flowers, I do believe bulbs deserve better. Although many of the spring bulbs in my garden started off in pots in supermarkets or were purchased at great prices at the end of season, I still provide the care possible so that they can be enjoyed again.

Here’s my process:

  1. Cut off flower heads above first leaves after blooming.
  2. Leave the green stalks in ground for about 8 weeks after so that the bulbs can absorb energy needed for next season. When leaves are yellow twist off gently or cut off at the ground.
  3. Fertilize in spring and compost in fall.

What more Information? I recommend Potted Bulbs Finished Blooming…Now What? by Bridget on Bulb Blog and the following 3 minute video with Devin Wallien.

Wishing you many years of enjoyment from your spring bulbs!

Cleaning up your Tulips post bloom, Plant Vibrations with Devin Wallien

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