Gardening Through Art

flower painting

I booked time off for this past week a year ago contemplating many happy garden tours. Instead, I spent a week at home in mid-winter Canada. I miss the sights, smells and feeling of being in a warm, verdant, growing place.

Many gardeners are always planning. Many are already getting ready for the coming season, ordering seeds, hosting virtual gardening events, writing articles about soil health and posting photos inspirational photos from past seasons. I enjoy these images posted by @Butterfly101.

Although the snow remains on the ground here, I decided to go full vacation in a virtual garden including some of my favourite flowers. The tour guide was artist Jesse Robertson of London, Ontario. In addition to painting techniques, Jesse speaks of her own love of gardens and growing in the virtual tutorial. While I followed many of her directives, I took her encouragement to follow some side paths on my own.

Fantasy Garden (acrylic on canvas) by Valerie Ferrier

I love the sunny blue sky with only hints of clouds. I cherish the opportunity to spend time mid-winter contemplating my flower favourites including Sweet William, echinacea, violas, cosmos, poppies and daisies. Like nothing else, flowers provide colour, light and inspiration. Spring is coming soon. Next step: figuring out how to order seed starting mix online.



  1. Hi Valerie,
    What a beautifully uplifting painting to see first thing this morning. Your use of colour is just wonderful and inspiring and your flowers brought a smile to my face. Emanuel

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  2. Hi Valerie,
    When a beautiful painting of flowers makes my heart sing, I have to pass it on (and I have, to several members of my family and friends). The colours and positioning of the flowers in your painting provide the best angle to appreciate their glory. Thank you for putting a much needed smile on my face.

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