Taking the Day Off

goose on a moose painting

Garden Therapy got it right when they established a new special day, National Stay in Bed with Seed Catalogs Day. Spending extra time in bed contemplating happy things can be a good thing. While my own daydreams of seeds only lasted until lunchtime, I was able to focus the rest of the day on other positive things.

Winter Feeder

At minimum, I believe all workers should have paid sick days. No one should feel like they need to go to work sick. Having bonus time in recognition of work in difficult times and circumstances is even better. Three wellness days were recently established by my employer. We can use these days to stay in bed all day, even if we feel fine.

Two of my own wellness days have already been put to good use. I spent the first baking Christmas cookies and sketching. On the second, I painted Goose on a Moose and made dinner for the family.

The balance of Seed Catalog Day was devoted to painting Winter Feeder. It is not one of my best works, but I enjoyed it anyway.  The scene allowed me to focus on a different space and time. I spent a lot of time in the forest with the robin, albeit virtually. Sometimes the process is more important than the final product.

If you’d like to take a walk in the forest, there are many YouTube walks you can take anytime. Here is a short excursion by Hannu Rintala in Finland to get you started.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to spend some extra time dreaming of a garden, painting or talking an inspirational walk. Whatever you decide to do for yourself, relax, stay safe and be well.


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