G the Dog Leads the Way

This week I offer my latest painting. Gretel has been a muse for me in the past. When her pal JT posted the original photo that inspired this work, I was enchanted. It incorporates so many things I love including water, walks in the wild with family, nature and a dog friend. The photo was taken during the winter break between rainstorms. Gretel stands patiently waiting for her people to catch up while urging them on. Her confidence in this space is obvious despite the ominous clouds and the threat of more rain clouds in the distance.

Queen of the Island (acrylic on canvas), by Valerie Ferrier

Her specific variety is “Parti Girl” and no, I’m not making that up. She came into their lives just months before the pandemic hit and has been a source of love and comfort as well as a motivation to exercise. She kept me company on my most recent trip in 2019. Since arriving she has put aside her party girl ways and stays home with her family where it is safe. I miss this lovely miniature schnauzer and her people.

As 2021 gets underway, I think Gretel has some things to teach us all. Get out and enjoy a walk in any weather. Remain patient while you wait for the world to catch up. The clouds may be gathering, but the light will continue to shine through in between. Be hopeful and confident. We’ll be able to move on and continue our journey soon.



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