Soft Cover of Snow

street light in snow

The past nine months have felt like a marathon. A quick pivot to online work and uncertain times have also meant many months of separation and fatigue. As the garden sleeps and work and classes pause for a few precious days, I take a deep breath of fresh winter air. I resurface with a snowy view, a whimsical painting and some simple poetry to share.

Soft Cover of Snow

The garden rests under soft cover of snow.
I sit at my desk, nowhere else left to go.
2020 was nasty. I worked from my home,
Stayed away from the stores and seldom did roam.

As the year draws to close, we open up Zoom.
Talk to family and friends from our snug living room.
It is nice to greet kin, we can’t hug, only see.
We talk about presents while logs burn on tv.

Sign off with our love and much festive cheer.
We’ll plan a reception for this time next year.
Vaccines are promised. We’ll get ours by fall.
A happier new year is in sight for us all.

– V. Ferrier

Thanks to all my garden and blogging friends for cheering me on with photos and insights. Take care, keep warm and stay safe.

whimsical winter scene, by Valerie Ferrier


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