Rain Today

rain covered street

During the storm, rain distorts reflections. It can muddy both puddle and pond. It may make us cold, wet and uncomfortable. While it continues to rain, I hope for better weather. Earlier this week, a friend posted a photo from her daily walk in the park. In it, a puddle mirrors beautiful trees after a storm.

Reflections in the Puddles

The snow that covered the ground last week is melting.
Rain begins.

Friends capture colorful sunsets.
When I go out, the sun has gone.

Red, oranges and purples are replaced by gray and black.
Oily reflections of the moon and a streetlamp cross the street.

Lights that once glinted in snow seem smaller now.
A purple-hued wreath hangs.

Tomorrow, the rain will stop.
I will capture the reflection of sunset in the puddles.

V. Ferrier

wreath, moon and streetlight
jack pines in afterglow, photo by Valerie Ferrier
jack pines in afterglow

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