Taking the Longview

stay cool, time flies

The long view can keep gardeners going in uncertain times. If we focused only on instant gratification, we would replace our gardens with visits to the grocery store and pop up plant stores with perfect, pre-potted planters. A series of small actions can be more gratifying.

Seeds and cuttings are small and frail looking. The gardener needs to trust and hope that the actions they take to nurture and protect them will lead to beautiful things. Yes, other factors will be at play. Gardeners can only care and trust that their efforts will come to fruition.

In spring, many seeds are sown indoors. When the time is right, seedlings are hardened off before being placed in the garden. Pests, poor weather, watering issues are just some of the possible challenges. I can pull weeds, add organic matter and water, but still, there are no guarantees. Despite the obstacles, most often tiny seeds grow into plants, that not only survive, but thrive.

In May, the geraniums cuttings in my planters were ragged-looking in comparison to the beautiful greenhouse grown planters in my neighbour’s garden. It took awhile for my plants to set down roots, fill in and flower. Before long, the flowers were vibrant and abundant.

It has been more than eight months since I started working from home. A gardener’s patience inspires me to continue with the small actions taken on a daily basis to keep myself and others safer. I trust in seeds being nurtured by scientists, doctors and researchers. I am taking the long view. The garden will bloom again in time.


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