Drawing Apples


I am back to the drawing board and loving it. After two weeks in self-isolation due to travel regulations, I really missed creating art. Though I usually paint with acrylics, I opted for a Facebook Live drawing tutorial instead. These drawings are less messy than paint and require only a pencil, paper, a smudger or cotton swab and an eraser.  

I love having an eraser as an art tool. Not only does it mean that mistakes can be corrected easily, it can also enhance the drawing by adding light.

As Karin guided us through the steps, I reflected on other ways apples have been erased.

  • When my children were small, we would drive out to Whitby in the fall to pick apples. Those orchards are gone now. They have been paved over to build homes.
  • I remember the apple farmers of the Okanagan Valley. Bad weather in the spring and fall and a lack of seasonal workers left many apples unpicked. The apples will eventually turn to mush. An important food source is lost and incomes are uncertain.
  • Ghost apple posts from 2019 reappear in Twitter. Ice builds up on the fruit and eventually the rotten apples slide out leaving the icy shells behind.

When I look back on the past months, I wonder if I could magically erase some decisions that I have made, what would they be? Where could I bring more light? I decide I have done well enough despite the challenges. I cannot erase the past. I will keep moving forward and do the best I can. I decide that my apple drawing is fine too so I close the book.

I have apples in the refrigerator. I will bake pies tomorrow. I donโ€™t want them to go to waste.

Trees are meant to grow. Apples are meant to be enjoyed. Eventually the cold shell of 2020 will be left behind. I will remember only the fruit. I have saved a memory of it in my book.



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