Autumn Windows

view of houses through a screen window

The working title for this week’s blog was Fall from my Window, but under the present circumstances, I thought this might cause alarm. Although I have spent the last 10 days indoors due to Canadian Government travel self-isolation regulations, I am keeping well and doing fine. My window is a comfort, not a danger.

I cleaned out the front garden before leaving on the trip. The trees were still green. No frost was forecast. Fall was not in sight. At our destination, the palm trees remain green year-round.

window view

Since our return, my fall experience has consisted mostly of a previously unnoticed view from the master bedroom. I can see colourful geraniums, the pinks and reds in shrubs and the golden yellows of the black locust trees. The local squirrel who lives in the tree has been leaving the still-thriving geraniums alone. It is foraging in the neighbour’s space instead.

During this isolation, others have shared views of fall. One of my favourite attractions is the Royal Ontario Museum. I have spent hours going through the exhibits but never really paid much attention the gardens on Bloor Street. This week, a link to video featuring Assistant Curator of Botany, Deborah Metsger, arrived in my inbox. The ROM urban garden consists of carefully chosen native plants. When I can safely get downtown again, this garden will be a destination for me.

Since the spring, blogger Emanuel Melo has been posting beautiful and uplifting photography featuring Rosetta McClain Gardens, Lake Ontario and the Scarborough Bluffs. It has been wonderful to journey through the seasons through the lens of this work. Many of those images have inspired my artwork. Favourite shares this week are of fall colours through the mist.

I have just a few days left alone. I look forward to hugging my family and to walking the dog. I cannot wait to see the colours, feel the mist and smell the fall air. Fall from my window is good, but the full sensory experience is better. Thanks to all for providing autumnal inspiration in the meantime.



  1. I love the double meaning of your original title, Fall from my Window but I can appreciate why you changed it. Autumn Windows is actually a better title. It’s elegant and poetic. Well chosen.

    I’m glad that you have been able to view autumn from your room while in quarantine and hope that soon you will be able to get out and experience the last few days of fall. There’s still much colour on the trees to appreciate.

    Thank you so much for sharing my photographs on your blog. I do take delight in my walks and capturing the beauty I see all around me. I’m especially full of gratitude for your enjoyment of these images from a part of the city that I hope you will be able to see for yourself. Perhaps one day you will be able to join me for a walk along Rosetta gardens, the bluffs, and views of the lake.

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