Thanksgiving for Rain

butterfly weed

A dry summer meant a lot of time watering the garden. The other day, as I was putting on my sandals to water again, I heard and saw the rain. I was grateful for this small gift and so I uttered a quiet, ‘thank you’.

I am grateful for the grounding influence of my garden this past summer. The colours, quiet and growth made for peaceful distraction. Thanks to Karen Shea’s container gardening tips early in the season, my flowers are looking better than ever and I had had a record harvest of zucchini. Despite a pest attack on my tomatoes early in the season, the plants bounced back and I have enough to freeze to use in pasta sauces this winter. I also had good success with my herb garden.

Articles on the mental health benefits of gardening have been on my reading list. Expert gardener Monty Don, sheds light on the benefits of gardening, particularly in the context of current events. I am thankful for the peace gardening provides.

May your harvests be plentiful and your thanks for small gifts be abundant. Let us look forward to the next season of gardening with optimism and a quiet ‘thank you’ for good we have found in the rain. For now, I leave you with some gifts I enjoyed this summer.



  1. Thank you, Valerie, for taking us on your gardening journey this summer. The highlight of each Sunday at 2 pm has been the anticipation of your prompt blog post which always brings something interesting to say and show. I hope you will continue to post even as the summer turns to fall and then to winter.


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