Snapdragons for All


I have not planted snapdragons for four years but thanks to bees, I have a beautiful crop that is completely self-seeded. With hues ranging from ivory, pink, white to burgundy, there are also stunning plants in hybrid colours. The flowers are both dwarf and full-size varieties.

My daughter has loved snapdragons ever since she was a small girl. A friend showed her how to make the flowers snap like dragons by gently squeezing the sides of the blooms.

Dragons are strong yet graceful. Cunning and courage is required to defeat them.

The snapdragon’s ability to grow in difficult places made it a symbol of strength. Many sent these flowers to express resilience. They were also sent to help embolden those facing difficulties in their lives.

Today, I share my snapdragons with you as as a sign of encouragement. May you live well and stay strong while our modern-day dragon slayers work tirelessly to turn the tide.



  1. We all need snapdragons in the garden to remind us to be strong and resilient. “Strong and graceful.” That’s what I aspire to be, too! Thanks for showcasing the snapdragon. Yours are beautiful.

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