A Garden as Art

I have a had a twitter account for a long time but it lay dormant for many years. This past fall, I became active again and started following gardeners from around the world. Some are close by, but others are in other provinces and other countries. I am inspired by the thoughts and images they share and by their different perspectives and insights.

This week, I was inspired by one of Vance’s tweets.

Imagine a beautiful painting in a museum that changes slightly every day. Each viewing brings a new discovery, an added element. Over time the painting transforms but is always intriguing, and this is what draws you back. That is a garden.

I love this metaphor of a garden as a changing work of art. Still photos and art can capture a moment in time but a garden lives, moves and evolves. It may retain its initial essence but it changes by the season and over time. The gardener can transform it to something completely new to reflect a new vision.

Whether simple or formal, gardens can inspire, heal and restore. They can provide a place of calm, of connection and of peace. A gardener is an artist of life and growth, not of stasis. The palette may be simple or complex but the garden is alive and reactive. As we nurture the art of our gardens, we nurture ourselves. We try to protect our gardens from pests, drought and to prune or regrow what has been damaged in a storm.

This week, I painted a water lily from a photo I took last summer at the wonderful garden outside of The Festival Theatre in Stratford. I booked tickets for several Stratford shows this summer and for a tour of the Elizabethan Garden and the Arthur Meighen Gardens.  

water lily by Valerie Ferrier

Given the season cancellation, my plans have changed. In the interim, I have been watching plays and talks online. This week’s scheduled release was postponed. A storm is going on and they have paused to assess, to reflect and to plan moving forward. I invite you to consider these talks, to reflect upon them, to grow and to create beautiful art with whatever medium you choose.



  1. this is very pretty. The flowers are so beautiful. I love painting flowers by the way. oh and monsoon is coming in India so I will be planting seeds today or tomorrow. Want to have so many plants around my home.

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  2. Love this post, especially because I was out in my garden all day yesterday, weeding and pruning and enjoying the flowers of early June. You are so right in seeing the garden as a changing work of art, which it is.

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