Daffodils and Rainbows

rainbow on a porch

Change is not always easy and sometimes positivity needs to be carefully noted. Again the good arrives at unexpected times and I don’t want it to pass unnoticed. As cold winds and snow threaten, the daffodils bloom unaware. And so, I gather random thoughts and images to share despite the overcast sky.

  • Baking a rocky road cake: because relationships and separation aren’t easy. Love stretches through cities and across borders from daughters to the men they love, together though apart.
  • Driving lessons for T: the once busy roads are free of traffic and she can go out with her Dad to practice.
  • My son picks up my hypo-allergenic skin cream at the pharmacy so I don’t have to make the trip myself. It is a balm, a relief and a luxury
  • I order jeans and a blouse online to add to my new work wardrobe. The webcam only shows my top. I can be professional and comfortable at the same time. I can help a business to continue.
  • I find carrot and basil seeds at the back of the grocery store on the first short trip out in two weeks. There are new crops and techniques to try. The basil will go well with the tomatoes and we’ll grow the carrots in the reused bottles we have saved.
  • Paper bags: I will put them aside so I can fill them perennials from the backyard. I will leave them out for neighbors to take as they walk by. I need to thin plants and others need exercise and new growth.
  • Rainbows and encouragement in tempera and chalk: Chandler the dog and one of her people, Lindsay, gather images on walks. They share them with me and agree that I can pass them on: rainbows, in this together, time flies, stay healthy, be good, be strong, butterfly and everything is going to be alright.

Keep hope and be well. The daffodils and art are still blooming and more will soon come.


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