Top 10 Garden Resolutions

While I generally avoid unrealistic goals like weight loss and fortune finding, I do like to make positive plans for times ahead. As I look back at what was great in 2019, I am looking forward to how things can get even better in 2020 with my top 10 garden resolutions. We get a fresh start every New Year. I can’t wait for spring!

  1. Grow more pollinator friendly
    I am inspired by the efforts underway to plan gardens that support bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. While sunflowers may not be my husband’s favorite, if environmentalist David Suzuki recommends them, I may need to plant more.
  2. Space and thin
    Though it is difficult for me to pinch off plants, I know my tomatoes will grow better if they have more space. Never underestimate the importance of thinning and pruning in the garden and in life.
  3. Plant a pumpkin
    I have been told that I will become more resilient if I practice failure. I failed miserably the last time I tried to grow pumpkins but heck, it has been 25 years so it is time to give it another try. If it doesn’t work out, I may grow a bit more resilient through practicing failure.
  4. Read seed packages more carefully
    My husband is the reader of textbooks. I learn best by doing. Yes, I should check those planting conditions, zones and other recommendations more carefully before sowing. Practicing success is good too.
  5. Split
    I started growing hostas 10 years ago because I was told they are very hardy. It is probably time for some splitting to help them thrive. Mark Cullen has some good tips for hostas and I am already past year 4 for maturity.
  6. Plant herbs
    So far I just have chives out back but I would really like to try parsley, basil and rosemary. I will not grow cilantro, ever. I am part of gene pool that perceives cilantro as soap. Parsley will do just fine.
  7. Visit botanical gardens in my area more often
    Since starting my blog in the fall, I have been visiting local botanical garden websites and following their social media. I need to get back to the Royal Botanical Gardens and Toronto Botanical Garden in person soon.
  8. Garden tours
    I have always been enchanted by the garden in front of the Stratford Festival Theatre. I have booked a garden tour for next summer so I can learn more from the experts who tend it. Take a tour near you or chat over coffee with a gardener you would like to know better.
  9. Set up a nice seating area
    Gardening can be a lot of work. I need to spend more time enjoying the fruits of my labour! I am planning the best spot for my bistro table and chair so I can enjoy my morning coffee even more.
  10. Sharing is caring
    I will share my successes and resiliency-building stories and photos with you. I hope you will share your suggestions with me in the comments as the year progresses.

If I reach at least some goals in 2020, I will grow in good ways and you can too. May you grow in happiness, love, and fulfillment in 2020 and may you, those you love and your garden always prosper.



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