The Trials and Tribulations of Urban Farming

brick bungalow with station wagon 1960s, young woman with child

I am a born nurturer. It’s true. I discovered my gift by moving beyond Barbies and baby dolls and planting a bean seed in a paper cup at Sunday School. I can’t remember the lesson that day but I am sure it was about the miracle of creation. The bean, dirt and cup landed on my windowsill and was soon joined by a marigold seed, some dirt and a paper cup from my kindergarten class. I watered them when I remembered and watched them closely. It was exciting to see sprouts and green things growing inside.

little girl on a slide
on the slide, age 5

My Mom didn’t notice my garden project. She was busy with volunteer work in hospitals and churches while raising four young children pretty much on her own as my Dad worked 500 miles away five days a week. When she finally noticed the budding creations, they were both almost ready to bloom. She encouraged me to clear some space and plant them in the somewhat neglected garden by the front entrance. To my delight, the spindly marigold grew into its own and blossomed and my bean plant produced several fine beans which I got to eat. (I don’t eat beans anymore but that is another story.)

I am still hooked on the blooms and the blossoms and I still mix veggies and blooms. I have discovered that wherever I happen to be living, and no matter what kind of outside space I have, I can’t live without digging in the dirt and encouraging the miracle of growth every summer.

I will be sharing stories of my successes and growing experiences in my blogs. Hope you pick up a tip here or there or that at least you will enjoy my sometimes unconventional approaches to growth.


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